Sat. Sept 17, 2005
most of the attendees are descendants of William Thomas Swafford (b.1855GA-d.1939?TN)& farther back to
James Swofford (b.1760SC-d.1850GA)
Claire Davenport
(descendant of
Dr.James S. Swofford)
& Jay Swafford
Dr.James S. Swofford
son of Jacob Tandy Swofford
Mary Caroline Hurt Swafford (b.1860-d.1943TN)
& William Thomas Swafford (b.1855Ga-d.1939?TN)
Claire Davenport
speaks about
her ancestor

cuzzin' Nellie Jordan
looks @ the many
Swafford photos
  Lynn Tzernski,Hazl Roberts, Claire Davenport & Charlotte Allen  Alabama cuzzins
David & Gene Swafford
Lucy Perigo Swafford
& Joyce Swafford
David, Jay, & Gene Swafford
(L-R) David, Nellie, & Gene (front)
(back row)Noel Jr., Ronnie, & Noel Sr.
4 generations (L-R)
Jackie Swafford-Jackson
Rylee Jackson
Jay Swafford
Gene Swafford
son & father
Jay & Gene Swafford
daughter-in-law & son of Pauline Swafford
Betty & Ronnie Petty
Noel Swafford Sr
shares a laff with cuzzins
(L-R) Noel Jr., David, Noel Sr., Paul
& Joyce Swafford
Noel Swafford Jr.
Lucy Perigo Swafford
& Donna Fleming Swafford
Gene & David Swafford
hold photos of grandparents
(Mary Caroline Hurt & William Thomas Swafford)
& father (Josiah Hurt Swafford)
Reminiscing about the "good ol' days" & telling a few TALL SWAFFORD TALES
Donna Fleming Swafford & Jay Swafford
The turnout was lite for this years
but a good time was had by all.  Thanks to all the SWAFFORD cuzzins who made it possible!

(descendants of
Dr.James S. Swofford)

"Papa, which SWAFFORD am i kin to???..."