Alexander Jackson Swafford b1843GA
James H. & Helen Dunnigan Swafford
Ray & Gladys Swofford
the late Ray C. Swofford 
& wife Gladys
Did you know there is a 
YES! located in Mossy Rock,
Washington. a 240 acre pond 
(small lake) Also, in Lewis County,WA...the town of SWOFFORD was formed in 1877 but was flooded when  a dam was located on the Cowlitze river near  Tacoma in the 1920s.
Ken Swofford
Ken Swofford-actor
Walter Wootten & Lusenda Swaffar
Joel Seagraves Swafford 
b.1845 TN
Civil War Photo
Molly & John Calvin Swafford
Evelyn Swafford 1920s
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358th Bomber squadron/WWII          Calvin Swaffer-pilot (4th from right)
William A. Swafford 

Swafford Chapel
Elvie Edward, Rosalie, & Minerva Swaffer 
abt 1905
John Gaston Swofford (back left) & friends 1899
John Gaston Swofford, Millie & Lillie Mae-1904
Fannie Swafford McKnight.
Swafford Pond
George Newton Swaffar & Anna Itaska Rawls Swaffar 1904
WWII photo Paul Swofford far right
Walter Swofford 
William Newton Swofford 
b.1834 GA-d.1900TN
Civil War photo
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William Franklin Swofford & bride Lucy Pauline Fortson Swofford-1930s
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"UNKNOWN" Swaffords?
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Ray C. Swofford & Jay Swafford
meet after 20 years of snail mails, & telephone calls
@ the 2001 Mid-TN Swafford Reunion
Hannah Swaffer 1920s
Rochdale, England, UK
Larkin Franklin SWAFFORD 
and Effie Neoma WILSON
   photo courtesy Jimmie Lee Robins

Andrew Clark      Sarah Jane Swafford Clark
Nathan Swafford House
submitted by Derrell Hankins
Martha Fortner &
Horace Maynard Swafford
Bill Thomason 
& Dovie Louisa Swafford (abt 1912)
submitted by Lenda Peters
Swafford Hotel 
Port Richie,FL 1920s
May & 9th Streets
New York, NY
1920s photo
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John Washington Swaffar
& Etta Victoria Beaver Swaffar 1940s
submitted by Ann Swaffar Landers
               gravesite (Nashville,TN)
               submitted by Nellie Swafford-Jordan
Dr. James S. Swofford
submitted by Claire Davenport
Jessie Swafford

Ada & Mae Swafford
Richard Marion Swafford
submitted by Larry Newton Buckner,
Old Swafford homestead
Mary Caroline Hurt Swafford                       William Thomas Swafford
  (b.1863-d.1943TN)                                           (b.1855GA-d 1939?TN)

 parlor funeral
Joel Seagraves Swafford burial site
submitted by Gary Keen
Catherine Swofford Lawrence 
tombstone Hall Co.,GA

submitted by Hugh Rutherford
Meridith Swofford 
b1903 OK
Arthur Vinson & Meridith Swofford
abt 1924
Dorson Swofford
Swafford ? TinType #1
abt 1890
Swafford ? TinType #2
abt 1890
submitted by Debra Todd
William Fugate &
 Martha Elizabeth Swafford

submitted by Peggy Leyva-Conley
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circa 1940s
submitted by Patricia Church
submitted by Patricia Church
Archie & Artis Swafford
Archie, Artis & Burtis Swafford
Junior             Fay
Eva Swafford
Archie                            Moses   John
Artie                  Roy
Catherine Swofford Lawrence gravesite @ Dewberry Cemetary # 1 Gainesville,GA
Bessie Swofford, Louise Swofford Wilkerson & Baby Jimmy 
abt 1950
LtoR: Millard Wilkerson & wife Louise Swofford, 
Pearlie & Bessie Swofford, 
Bottom Row Shirley & Lorene Swofford
photos courtesy Jimmy & Cynthia Wilkerson
George Asberry Swafford, wife Susie 
& grandson Robert Cook
photo submitted by Larry Buckner
John Swofford
 (1834-1879 KY)
submitted by Gayle D. Swofford
Gayle D. & Sue Swofford
Ray C. & Gladys Swofford

1999 Swafford Pikeville Reunion
Abraham & Mary C. Swafford

      submitted by Mike Wheeler
L-R: #1. Bill Kub   # 2. Lessie Swafford  #3.Joseph Elledge  # 4. Murtle Swafford[Elledge]  #5. Agusta Swafford  

#6. Frank W_?  # 7. David Kennedy  # 8. Curley Don Gorley  #9. Harrison Swafford.

submitted by Marie Lucas

Louisiana Swaffords

    submitted by Dru Richards
Rebecca Angeline Swafford Covey

submitted by Dennis Rittenhouse
James Abraham Swafford         Magarete Bowman Swafford
                                        Mary C.
Thomas Jefferson Swafford
Dorothy Swafford Deardorff  & son
Thomas Jefferson Swafford & Ella Florence McCrary & children
photos submitted by Carolyn Beckelhimer
Mance Pinion                                                                                     Frances Swofford Pinion

submitted by Brenda Midgett
Bessie Cook Swofford, Louise Swofford Wilkerson,
 Bessies friend: Sybil Hunter
 & Ida Mae Wilkerson Swofford 
Josiah Hurt Swafford
age 10(?) circa
(L-R) Esther, Josiah & Dora Ann Swafford
James Franklin Swafford 
1888 -1962
Addie May Sibley Aka Ford Swafford
 1897 - 1962
Gordon Wilburn Swafford
 1915 -1989
Beatrice Bonnie Howerton Swafford 
1920 -1983
submitted by William Lee Swafford