Swafford Chapel Reunion 2004
Pikeville,TN Aug 8 2004
Ms Elizabeth Robnett & Jay Swafford
Ms.Robnett gives history presentation
(l-r) David Swafford, Betty Nail Castillo, Helen Swafford & Donna Swafford
Tommy V. Swafford
Adrian Swafford (Indiana)
Jay Swafford & Peggy Conley (California)
Swaffords LOVE to eat!
Bledsoe Co.TN Sheriff Bob Swafford
Eric Swafford candidate for the 25th District & David Swafford.  Sorry Eric, he's from Missouri!
Ms.Elizabeth Robnett enjoys some fried chicken
& conversation
Mary Frances Caudill
Noel Swafford Jr., & Jay Swafford
author Tommy V. Swafford
David Swafford, Jim Swafford & Mary Frances Caudill
Murtie Nail Lewis   &  Mary Frances Caudill
Thomas David Swafford       James Charles Swafford    Tommy V. Swafford     Jay Preston Swafford
Nase  &  Sibyl Swafford. 
celebrating 64 years of marriage!   

Swafford Chapel Cemetery
Swafford cuzzins w/ Special Singing!
thanks to Peggy Conley & Ms.Elizabeth Robnett for submitting article.