Families of America
Darlene Swafford Dalton    Jerry L. Swafford,  Lucy Perigo Swafford, & Gene Swafford
2003 Mid-TN Swafford Reunion/Picnic
son of Pauline Swafford Petty Hawthorne
Mid-TN Swafford Family Reunion/Picnic 2002
Vivian Swafford Arnold & Husband Ken
Swafford Chapel Reunion 2003
Ms Elizabeth Robnett
Tommy V. Swafford & Jay Swafford
Chuck Swofford  (TX)  & Tommy V. Swafford
Helen & Thomas David Swafford (MO.)
Mary Frances Caudill
Jay Swafford meets with Gladys Swofford
(wife of the late Ray C. Swofford)
After many years corresponding by "snail-mail" & telephone...
Ray C. Swofford & Jay Swafford meet in person
Mid-TN Swafford Reunion 2001
Archie Swafford & wife (AR)
Mary Swafford family
Jay & Donna Swafford